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Why You Should Be Storing Your Video Projects in the Cloud

12986 views | added on 18.06.2013
Why You Should Be Storing Your Video Projects in the Cloud

If you shoot or edit your own video, you know how resource-intensive the process can be. This is especially true if you're trying to get your stuff out to the public; you most likely spend countless hours shooting and editing videos that you hope will be enjoyed by millions of viewers. The storage space needed for that kind of work is immense.

The cloud is proving to be an excellent way to manage and store video. Cloud capabilities have expanded significantly over the past few years, and options are more available and affordable than ever before. Storing video in the cloud gives you several advantages: It's cheaper, easily accessible, and there's a greater ability to collaborate.


Because the cloud enables users to essentially rent out space, the costs of storage are quite a bit lower than a comparable amount of hard storage space would be. Competition is getting more fierce as cloud popularity grows, and some of the biggest names in the tech industry are attempting to establish a place in the market.

According to InformationWeek.com, the four top cloud providers are Apple, Dropbox, Amazon and Google. Big companies are not always better, however; it's important video makers read various reviews to make sure they get the features they need for an affordable price. Some companies maintain comprehensive lists of cloud storage providers from all over the world, such as this Zip Cloud review

The Lure of Accessibility

You may have spent years carting around a hard drive for your video projects, but it's likely you won't have to for much longer. According to CreativePlanetNetwork.com, the show “Classic Car Rescue” on Discovery World Canada chose a cloud solution for editing. Show execs needed to move several hundred hours of video between Toronto and London and chose to hire a company that provided a custom cloud solution for the problem.

When major production companies are choosing to utilize the cloud to manage their video, it points to something: Accessibility is simply too important to wait for. Video projects need to be completed on budget and on time, and the cloud offers unparalleled accessibility.


Video production is rarely a solo venture, and it often takes the work of multiple people to complete a project. Cloud storage offers the ability to collaborate wherever people happen to be. This is something that appeals to even the most basic home video maker, as evidenced by the establishment of companies like WeVideo.

According to WhatsYourTech.ca, WeVideo has created an Android app that allows users to record video, upload it to the cloud, and edit it online. The company goes beyond the Android user, however. It offers a full-fledged video-editing suite online for more serious users, pointing to a level of collaboration undreamed of even 10 years ago, backing up the notion that the future of tech is all about your smartphone.

The Go-To Option?

Cloud storage is likely to become the go-to choice for video creators in the near future. It offers too many advantages to be ignored, and it will become even more feature-filled and affordable as it gains popularity. If it is not your storage choice now, it probably soon will be.

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