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Design a red glossy community logo with chat bubbles

94632 views | added on 11.11.2007
  • In this tutorial we will design a red glossy community logo with chat bubble shapes. Psd file can be downloaded.

    This is the end result.
  • Create a document with the white (#ffffff) background color and 600 x 400px size.
    Press U to select the Shape Tool.
    And make sure that the Ellipse Tool is selected. Draw a shape layer about 280 x 280 pixels.
    Tip: To use the image on your website consider image hosting. It will allow faster loading time of pictures in different formats and multiple usability options like categorizing, sharing, etc.
  • And apply this settings to this new layer.
  • Creating a pattern like this is quite simple.
    Open a new document with transparent background and draw 5 points, points are at the right bottom of each other.
    Color should be white (#ffffff) in this situation.
    Select a square area with this 5 points and click from the menu Edit -> Define Pattern.
    And give a name for this pattern.
    It's ready!
  • After these settings, our logo should look like below.
  • And draw a new "ellipse" shape layer, place this over first layer like in the image.
  • Set the opacity of this layer to 80%.
    Apply this gradient setting for this layer.
  • Our logo is looking so now.
  • Create a new empty layer at the top of all layers.
    Select an area like in the image.
    To get this selection area, just click the vector mask thumbnail of second ellipse (smaller) layer.
    And from the selection menu, click select -> modify -> contract, make the selection area about 6 pixels smaller.
  • Press Gradient Tool (G key on keyboard) and apply the settings in the image.
  • And draw a gradient line from the top left side of selection area to about center of the area.
    Try to get something like in the image or better.
    After this our image has a glossy effect.
  • Next press the Shape Tool (U key on keyboard) and make sure that "Custom Shape Tool" is selected.
    Draw 2 bubbles from the standard shapes with the sizes about like in the image.
    Set the opacity of this bubble shape layers to 70%.
  • The setting for the bigger shape is in the image below.
    Set the "Color Overlay" setting : #ff9494
  • The setting for the smaller shape is in the image below.
    Set the "Color Overlay" setting : #c60000
  • And finally give a name to your logo for your website.
  • Our stylish, red, glossy logo is ready.
  • Download .psd file here.
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